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As you know, our mission here is twofold.


The first intent is to get this Mental Toughness Swag all over the planet and get conversations started!


And the other is to get people connecting RIGHT HERE!


This is where you get to share your story. We want to hear it! Of all of the options of Mental Toughness phrases or mantras, why did you pick the one you did? What does it mean to you? How has it been important to you in your life? How do you practice it? Why does it move you? How does it serve you? What’s a cool story we can know about it and you?


Once you’ve submitted your story or message, it will be reviewed and once approved, you’ll be up in the community. Then you have access to go interface with all the other people from around the globe who are committed to sharing conversation on how to collectively upgrade our experience of this magical event we call life!



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