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Billy Woodmansee

The Wolf of Wellness

The problem is the gift. So is the present. See what I did there!? 🙂


In the present, no problems exist. What exists are the occurring events and an interpretation of said events. Our interpretations dictate our state of being and our state of being dictates how we listen and what we chose to create from that place. Suppose I was out of state and a car thief stole my rental car.  In that case, I could choose to interpret that as something that should have me worry and create from that place, or I can choose to interpret that as a unique opportunity to see a new part of the United States and have conversations with people I don’t know.


Ask yourself in difficult times, “How do I feel?”  “How do I want to feel?” “Who would I have to be right now in this moment to feel that way?”  then create from that place.  Whether it’s good or bad, you are right, it’s part of your grand creation of life, and if you truly hear this message, it will work 10/10 times.


In my life, I choose to see problems as an adventure, and adventure is my favorite gift.

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